Source code for invenio_accounts.views.settings

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This file is part of Invenio.
# Copyright (C) 2015-2018 CERN.
# Invenio is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
# under the terms of the MIT License; see LICENSE file for more details.

"""Invenio user management and authentication."""

from flask import Blueprint, current_app
from flask_breadcrumbs import register_breadcrumb
from flask_menu import current_menu
from invenio_i18n import lazy_gettext as _
from invenio_theme.proxies import current_theme_icons

blueprint = Blueprint(

def post_ext_init(state):
    app =

        "ACCOUNTS_SITENAME", app.config.get("THEME_SITENAME", "Invenio")
        app.config.get("BASE_TEMPLATE", "invenio_accounts/base.html"),
        app.config.get("COVER_TEMPLATE", "invenio_accounts/base_cover.html"),
        app.config.get("SETTINGS_TEMPLATE", "invenio_accounts/settings/base.html"),

[docs]@blueprint.before_app_first_request def init_menu(): """Initialize menu before first request.""" # Register root breadcrumbs item = current_menu.submenu("breadcrumbs.settings") item.register("invenio_userprofiles.profile", _("Account")) # - Register menu # - Change password if current_app.config.get("SECURITY_CHANGEABLE", True): view_name = "{}.change_password".format( current_app.config["SECURITY_BLUEPRINT_NAME"] ) item = current_menu.submenu("settings.change_password") item.register( view_name, # NOTE: Menu item text (icon replaced by a key icon). _( "%(icon)s Change password", icon=('<i class="{icon}"></i>'.format(icon=current_theme_icons.key)), ), order=1, ) # Breadcrumb for change password # # The breadcrumbs works by decorating the view functions with a # __breadcrumb__ field. Since the change password view is defined in # Flask-Security, we need to this hack to in order to decorate the view # function with the __breadcrumb__ field. decorator = register_breadcrumb( current_app, "breadcrumbs.settings.change_password", _("Change password") ) current_app.view_functions[view_name] = decorator( current_app.view_functions[view_name] )
[docs]@blueprint.before_app_first_request def check_security_settings(): """Warn if session cookie is not secure in production.""" in_production = not (current_app.debug or current_app.testing) secure = current_app.config.get("SESSION_COOKIE_SECURE") if in_production and not secure: current_app.logger.warning( "SESSION_COOKIE_SECURE setting must be set to True to prevent the " "session cookie from being leaked over an insecure channel." )