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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This file is part of Invenio.
# Copyright (C) 2017-2018 CERN.
# Invenio is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
# under the terms of the MIT License; see LICENSE file for more details.

"""Invenio user management and authentication."""

from flask import abort, current_app, flash, redirect, render_template, request, url_for
from flask_breadcrumbs import register_breadcrumb
from flask_login import login_required
from flask_menu import register_menu
from flask_security import current_user
from invenio_db import db
from invenio_i18n import lazy_gettext as _
from invenio_theme.proxies import current_theme_icons
from speaklater import make_lazy_string

from ..forms import RevokeForm
from ..models import SessionActivity
from ..sessions import delete_session
from .settings import blueprint

[docs]@login_required @register_menu( blueprint, "", # NOTE: Menu item text (icon replaced by a user icon). _( "%(icon)s Security", icon=make_lazy_string( lambda: '<i class="{icon}"></i>'.format(icon=current_theme_icons.shield) ), ), order=2, ) @register_breadcrumb(blueprint, "", _("Security")) def security(): """View for security page.""" sessions = SessionActivity.query_by_user(user_id=current_user.get_id()).all() master_session = None for index, session in enumerate(sessions): if SessionActivity.is_current(session.sid_s): master_session = session del sessions[index] return render_template( current_app.config["ACCOUNTS_SETTINGS_SECURITY_TEMPLATE"], formclass=RevokeForm, sessions=[master_session] + sessions, is_current=SessionActivity.is_current, )
[docs]@login_required def revoke_session(): """Revoke a session.""" form = RevokeForm(request.form) if not form.validate_on_submit(): abort(403) sid_s =["sid_s"] if ( SessionActivity.query.filter_by( user_id=current_user.get_id(), sid_s=sid_s ).count() == 1 ): delete_session(sid_s=sid_s) db.session.commit() if not SessionActivity.is_current(sid_s=sid_s): # if it's the same session doesn't show the message, otherwise # the session will be still open without the database record flash("Session {0} successfully removed.".format(sid_s), "success") else: flash("Unable to remove the session {0}.".format(sid_s), "error") return redirect(url_for(""))